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Celerit Leadership Shares Future Plans

Technology pioneer woman, Terry Rothwell maps future for Arkansas-based company, Celerit.


In 2022, an announcement was made that Celerit, a 30-year tech industry leader focused on providing services to banking and financial services clients, would enter into an agreement for purchase by Sollensys, a self-described blockchain ransomware recovery provider.  The path would provide a sensible partnership that could empower Celerit with a defined future coupled with the ability to offer a solution for clients facing increased concerns over consumer-data breaches.


“Sometimes a good deal does not mean a good fit,” quotes Celerit President, Ron Harmon.  “In the end, we made the decision to take an alternative path to our future and I think it is a smart move for us and for our clients.”


Since the decision to depart from the acquisition, Celerit has been busy assembling a structure to take them through the next thirty years. 


“Celerit has been an incredible technology partner for banks and financial institutions for the last thirty years,” quotes Terry Rothwell, Chairwoman and Founder.  Indeed, the Arkansas-based technology company has serviced banks with asset sizes ranging from a few million, to over five-hundred billion since 1986.


“Over time, we have created the unique ability to scale-up to fit nearly any project size imaginable.  Our vendors and our customers know they can turn to us when they aren’t sure who else to ask.”  Harmon states.  “It has provided Celerit with a rare badge of trust in this industry.”


In being good stewards of the time-honored and battle-proven relationships within banking and finance, the Celerit team did what they do best.  “We asked them what they need,” stated Rothwell.  “Then, we went out and practically scoured the Earth to find the best-practice solutions they are looking for.”


“To be offered to our clients, solutions had to prove they fit into our unique ‘7-s’ structure,” stated Jeff Smith, Director of Managed Services for Celerit Technologies.  “This means they must be secure, scalable, supported, standardized, steady, simple and synergistic in order to be considered for our platform.  Additionally, each solution was then further scrutinized against a rigid set of standards and vetted by Celerit’s veteran team of technicians.”


“Celerit will also continue to provide trained and knowledgeable experts in the Core Banking and Mortgage areas for full-time, part-time, and project-based positions.  Our resources remain offered to clients as contract positions, contract-to-hire and permanent full-time positions,” Mike Tabor, Director of Resource Management for Celerit.


“Today, we are proud to offer solutions and resources that meet the current and future needs of our customers, with the wisdom and experience we’ve gained over three decades of doing this,” Rothwell added.  “We are leaning on our past to springboard us into the future as technology partners with the enterprises that have always trusted our good name.”


Celerit is an established service provider in technology to the banking and financial services industry for over 30 years. Today, they work with enterprises of all sizes, across multiple industries, deploying agile technology designed to address cybersecurity, compliance, communication

and customer experience.

Learn more about Celerit Technologies here.


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