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I'm Jeff Smith, Director of Managed Services for Celerit Technologies.


Our team dedicates our time every day to provide technology solutions that help our customers in the areas of Cybersecurity, Communications, Compliance and Customer Experience.

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My Story

I spent the majority of my professional career as a consultant working with startups and publicly traded companies in the arenas of Finance / Banking, Mining, Aerospace, Technology and Entertainment.  My role was to work with an organization to bridge the gap between product and market.   The work facilitated would include building pricing models, income projections, financial modeling, target-market research and strategic / tactical market-penetration modeling.  In this field, I was responsible for first revenue for over a dozen organizations, and structured two companies for acquisition.


In 2017, I worked to help a Managed Services Provider grow from $2 million in gross revenue to almost $6 million using tactics learned throughout my consulting career.  There, my passion for helping organizations improve operations and communication through the deployment of technology solutions began. 

Today, that passion drives me to work consultatively with our clients; deploying critical thinking and problem-solving to improve systems used by their customers and employees, alike. I strive to create environments rich in teamwork, feedback and creativity where there is no room for "that's the way we've always done it."

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My Personality

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What motivates you, professionally?

When we create solutions for a client that makes their organization better than it was before we got there, that is a win.  I thrive off that kind of mutual success.

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What is your favorite animal?

I love animals, so this question is always difficult for me.  Haha! 

When forced to answer though, it's a shark every time.  Specifically, I love Blue Sharks because of their color, elegance and efficiency.

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What is your favorite quote?

"Be ashamed to die until you've won some victory for humanity."

- Horace Mann

Tell us about your family.

My wife and I are Blessed to love 5 children ranging in ages from 7 - 15.  We all love to swim and get outside!  Our home is never without some kind of entertainment in the form of a "show" our girls have created, spontaneous kitchen dance parties and family karaoke.

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Who is your professional hero and why?

Jaques Cousteau.  In 1943, Cousteau invented the Aqua-Lung (SCUBA).  Then, he used a technology platform to bring the knowledge his invention unlocked into every living room.

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What is your superpower?

Unique perspective.

I tend to view both challenges and solutions from a different perspective than most.  It leads to adaptive, creative and efficient problem-solving.

My Services






I'm always open to exploring ways in which our team at Celerit Technologies can help you reach your goals!

Reach out to me by phone, text or email.

O: 501-823-3425

M: 479-719-7791

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