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I'm Paula Shaw, Senior VP of Managed Services for Celerit Technologies.


Our team dedicates our time every day to provide technology solutions that help our customers in the areas of Cybersecurity, Communications, Compliance and Customer Experience.

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My Story

Throughout my career, I've worked to demonstrate exceptional leadership acumen, leading teams of up to 70 direct and indirect reports. My ability to realign operations and improve systemic processes has been instrumental in achieving organizational goals. I have successfully implemented strategic plans, leveraged trending technology upgrades and integrations, and streamlined transaction processing to drive efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction.


My expertise extends to compliance, quality assurance, project and vendor management, and bank integrations. That experience has given me a comprehensive understanding of best practices, SOPs, process, and policies, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and mitigating risks. I've also found improvements and cost savings for organizations using lean six sigma methodologies, SQL, and data mapping.


As a Senior Vice President for a large regional U.S. bank, I spearheaded initiatives that resulted in significant achievements, such as reducing employee turnover by over 40% within the first 6 months through the implementation of a comprehensive training program. Additionally, I led the development and migration to automated processes, driving a substantial reduction in teller labor outage tracking and charge-off collections reconciliation balancing.


I believe in efficiency and cost optimization, improving check vendor specifications, resulting in substantial savings of over $120K spread across 15 acquisitions.  From there, I continued to create savings opportunities through in-depth review and analysis of vendor tasks and functions to additionally contribute to cost reductions of over $375K.


Throughout my career, I have actively participated in divestures, ensuring compliant processes and mitigating post-transaction risks. I have designed and implemented disaster recovery exercises, business resilience plans, and risk assessments to meet regulatory requirements and enhance operational preparedness.


My commitment to service excellence and customer experience is evident through leadership in designing and launching a new call survey program. I championed complex processing platform conversions and compliance efforts during the migration of acquired banks and systems to ensure a seamless integration.


With a Bachelor of Business Administration in Public Relations and an Associate's of Applied Science in Business Banking from Arkansas Tech University, I have cultivated a strong foundation in both business and finance. Beyond the collegiate education level, I have also completed professional development courses in areas such as business and emotional intelligence, talent acquisition, and training and coaching.


I am highly skilled in utilizing various software and technology platforms, including MS Office, SQL, Cisco Call Center, and banking systems such as Premier, TCM, TMS, EIM, IES, SCO, BPM, Integrated Teller, and Director.


In summary, I am a results-driven and dynamic professional with extensive experience in banking operations, risk management, compliance, and customer service. My strategic mindset, ability to drive change, and commitment to excellence make me an asset in any organization.

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My Personality

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What motivates you, professionally?

I'm driven by the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, make a positive impact and achieve my goals.

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What is your favorite animal?

Horses are my favorite animal because they embody strength, grace and intelligence.  They have a way of grounding me in the present moment and all my worries fade away when I'm with them.

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What is your favorite quote?

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal.  It's the courage to continue that counts."

-Winston Churchill

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Tell us about your family.

I have a beautiful daughter who is incredibly talented and amazes me with her creativity and strong character. 


My family is my "why" in life!

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Who is your professional hero and why?

Albert Einstein.  He is an embodiment of the power of human intellect, imagination, and the potential for scientific and societal impact.

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What is your superpower?

The ability to inspire and motivate others.

By inspiring others, I strive to foster positive change, empower others to overcome challenges and create a ripple effect of motivation that spreads far and wide.

My Services






I'm always open to exploring ways in which our team at Celerit Technologies can help you reach your goals!

Reach out to me by phone, text or email.

O: 501-823-3425

M: 417-895-0105

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